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Simple Inventory Manager is compatible with any USB barcode reader!!!


Barcode Technologies

You can use the labels of products from your suppliers, or print your own labels at the entrance or exit of your stocks.
You also can use the labels as on the storage bins or delivery packaging.
With SIM, you can print barcode labels without to put on your records.
In general, use is the minimum information on the label (the SIM reference and a possible serial No),
and it refers to a centralized database for details of the product.

Save time and reliability

Invented in the 50’s, used in supermarkets since 1974, the barcode brings reliable products identification for a nominal cost.
Much cheaper and simpler to implement than RFID, with the 2D barcode remains the future!

EAN13 or Gencod

The standard in Europe: 3 digits for the country, a manufacturer number and a product number, unique in the universe.

Code 128

Used without any specific rules in the industry, it allows adopting conventions on labels of your choice.

Code 39

Recognizable by its regularity, with a limited set of characters, the old code 39 is readable under the most difficult conditions.


label barcode datamatrix

It can store more than 3000 characters and can therefore embark entire history of your product!
Like all 2D codes, it requires a player to 2D camera, more expensive than a conventional drive.

QR Code

Very popular with smartphones because it enables to write a complete URL, the QR Code has been invented to Toyota to write more than 200 characters…

Simple and low-cost barcode readers

Wired reader

scanner barcode USB

If your products can be moved close to the PC, use a wired USB scanner.Readability, comfort and durability depend on the quality of the scanner.
Do not underestimate the fun that operators can find with a nice reader!


Batch readers

Wireless reader

When the storage is away from the PC, or when products are heavy, you cannot bring products to PC: you have to work remotely.
OPH3000 is the most efficient batch reader: very simple, robust, and totally programmable.
It has a color display and a convenient keyboard to enter product quantities, product destination or user ID.


These devices are more user-friendly than tablets or PDAs, and certainly less costly.

The work is done in two steps:

  • Scan product labels and enter the quantities manually, wherever you are.
  • Come back to your desk, connect the device to the PC.
  • Download, check and correct the data to update the database.

This mode of operation called “batch” is very secure and prevents manipulation errors.

Downloads are available on our page dedicated to OPH3000 and ZEBRA drivers.

Pocket scanner

5000 labels in the volume of a lighter

This batch reader combines many advantages for less than 3x6cm!
Without a keyboard and without a screen, it is however restricted to relatively simple applications:
entering the user card, the customer account or quantity must be from coded values barcode on boards.

Simply attached to the keys of your storage rooms, it makes things simple and natural for everybody.


Wireless and powerful

Try the Windows PDA

When you manage your clients’ packets, when you need to operate with complex storage constraints,
when the management of shelves and the optimization of moves becomes critical, you need an intelligent wireless PDA.

With a Windows CE operating system, a WIFI or BlueTooth real time connexion, PDA readers (Personal Digital Assistant)
can do almost anything!

All kind of application can be developed according to your requirements. Just ask for a free quotation.

Print labels

Everything is possible

SIM is completely independent of hardware, you can print
labels with any desktop printer and adhesive A5 sheets.
This is laborious and poor quality but it works, especially when you work with barcodes in a product list book.


For immediate amortisation with a gain of time and quality, we suggest using ZEBRA printers.
The SIM label configurator allows you to have custom labels
fully consistent with the references of your products, and perfectly legible.