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We are proud to provide the simplest and robust inventory manager software online! We created Simple Inventory Manager to make managing your inventory easy.

What does SIM do?

  • Display all your products in real-time
  • Carry out reception and shipment of goods in a reliable and intuitive manner
  • Sort data and export to Excel
  • Allow personalized functionalities
  • Plan future movements of stock
  • Manage orders according to their components list
  • Read and print any type of barcode

Instant implementation, Only a few files needed!

  • Simple and portable and looks as simple as an Excel spreadsheet
  • Can run from a simple USB key, a shared drive or Dropbox
  • Powerful searches and transactions comparable to expensive software.
  • Easy data import and export to Excel

Make an easy start:

  • Display product quantities and low-level alarms
  • Manage supplies
  • Display transaction history
  • Works simultaneously out of any position and on cloud

Improve your solution

  • Get the best of a powerful SQL database.
  • Sort, filter, search information using SQL queries
  • Work on multiple workstations, with or without a network connection.
  • Read and print your own barcode labels
  • Share data using a common folder, a server or a cloud storage.
  • Customize your software to meet future requirements


Customize your application at will!

The solution is modular and fits your needs

  • Download and use SIM freely up to 40 products
  • The unlimited license is $100, no need to reinstall the evaluation version
  • Each option is $100, regardless the number computers
  • At any time, you can add stations or options
  • From $100 to $2000, you get exactly what suits you!

Simply manage your supply chain

Set a dates customers and suppliers deliveries and simulate future stock levels

A simple production flow control…

  • Describe your “assemblies” components
  • Print your assembly order forms
  • Define production delays and delivery dates
  • Anticipate material movements
  • Simulate future stock levels with different hypothesis

Improve and complement your E.R.P. with a tailored SIM

SIM can integrate more easily any specific process than larger applications.

A Swiss knife for your stocks!

  • Tracing of customers and contracts numbers
  • Product documentation management
  • Complex storage locations mapping
  • Picking management with a dedicated PDA software
  • Multi-prices management
  • Printing of specific delivery forms or billing forms

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