Your business strives on managing its inventory in the most efficient and productive method. Our inventory software, lets you do just that, plus more without a big price tag. See why over 700 companies in 60 countries like us so much!


SIM was developed for instant implementation and immediate usage by any kind of user, for all types of organization or activity. Unlike many software, SIM is not simply an option or addition to accounting or business management software suites. Sim is built using Microsoft.Net standard and a SQL database thus making it an open, scalable and robust application. SIM is internationally known! It is available in English, Spanish, and German. You can adapt SIM to your culture and business.

Awesome Features:
* Display all your products in real time.
* Plan future movements of stock.
* Read and print any type of barcode.
* Easily print sales orders, invoices and e-mails.
* Customize SIM for your business needs.
* Easy data import and export to Excel.
* Compatible with most ERP, barcode printers and readers.
* Plus so much more


Try SIM and see how it makes taking control of your inventory a breeze. We provide technical support to ensure you get the attention you deserve.

Other Products

Here are our other awesome products that you can use in conjunction with SIM and as stand alone modules.
SIM Barcode

SIM Barcode

You can use the labels of products from your suppliers, or print your own labels at the entrance or exit of your stocks. You also can use the labels as on the storage bins or delivery packaging.

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SIM Options

SIM Options

Your SIM will be uniquely adapted to your real needs. You don’t pay for something you do not use. Everything is as simple as possible. Options are paid only once, no matter the number of workstations connected.

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Compatible with any PC or touchScreen. Easy to install and configure within 5 minutes. Internet connection not needed. Easily connect all barcode readers. Print on any printer, of any size.

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Like in Excel, you can easily import and export. In its advanced version, it includes all types of data processing: filtering, complex querying, reading and writing of barcodes, smartphone access, etc.

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What our customers have to say
I have tried many applications before this one. I think I have found the right one. It's really much easier than Excel do deal with more than 2000 articles.

F. Star, USA

Simple Inventory Manager is simple to use and reminds me of excel. It's not like most inventory software nowadays that are very complex to learn. If you are looking for a inexpensive solution, SIM is the product for you.

D. Smith, USA

Real good one and its free too :) will suit simple business. the authors may rewrite to suit your specific needs.

U. Sankar, INDIA


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