SIM Options

$125.00 $99.00



Build your own customized solution

Your SIM will be uniquely adapted to your real needs. You don’t pay for something you do not use. Everything is as simple as possible. Options are paid only once, no matter the number of workstations connected.

Basic Options

Each of these options can be applied to the standard SIM for $100 only.

Option Description
Alarms Daily alarm mail containing the list of references under minimum threshold
Projects Manages the destination of each product: site, contract, location, etc…
Printing A customized note can be printed for every operation
Additional product fields You can add one or two columns to product description
Clients Manages to whom the product goes: customer, user, department.
Average prices The price of a product is calculated from all input prices
Custom Specific input or output user interfaces
Dates and Lots Management à Lots identifiers and products dates
Location Enable to store the same reference at different places
CSV Input Product moves can imported from an excel  .csv file
Export Specific export file format
Injector Specific impport file format
Impression journal Possibilit√© d’imprimer des extraits du journal
Barcode printing Printing of barcodes with label printer of A5 sheets
Barcode reading Read barcode for any operations, for any reader
Login Definition of users profiles and rights
Photos You can store and print a photo for each product
Sous-families Definition of sub families when the nimeb rof references is large
Sub-stocks When you need to separate storage location or usage
SQL Standard Query Langage requestt manager for powerfulel searching and sorting
Unit Definition of storage condition or Nb of articles ien a box, or units

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